Piper cubeba
Botanical name: 
Piper cubeba

Calming and gentle

Please note: The information below is meant to give a brief outline of how an oil can be applied by a trained aromatherapist. Please do not use this information as a guide for how to use essential oils at home.

Properties and applications: 
Topical Circulatory System - muscular aches and pains, stiff muscles, poor circulation
Expectorant - mucous coughs, bronchitis, catarrh
Immune Stimulant - colds, coughs, influenza
Stimulant, Emotional Tonic - frustration, tiredness, debility, chronic stress-related conditions
Carminative - indigestion, flatulence, sluggish digestion
Antiviral - cold sores, chicken pox, shingles
Country of origin: 
Part of plant used: 
Dried crushed fruits.
Method of extraction: 
Steam distillation
Blends with: 
Florals, spicy and citrus oils.
Chemical character: 
Terpene type
Safety information: 
No known contra-indications.
Odour profile: 
Soft, warm, sweet with light peppery notes, slightly earthy.
Plant description: 
Climbing shrub with heart shaped leaves, green then red-brown fruit.
Historical use: 
An early treatment for urinary tract infections.