cupressus sempervirens
Botanical name: 
Cupressus sempervirens

Grounded and strengthening

Please note: The information below is meant to give a brief outline of how an oil can be applied by a trained aromatherapist. Please do not use this information as a guide for how to use essential oils at home.

Properties and applications: 
Anti Spasmodic - cramps, colic, nausea, nervous diarrhoea, asthma
Menstrual Regulator - irregular or heavy periods
Diuretic/Cleansing - toxin build up
Central Nervous System Restorative - exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome
Astringent - skin care, excessive perspiration
Vein Tonic - broken and varicose veins, haemorrhoids
Country of origin: 
France, Spain, Italy
Part of plant used: 
Leaves and twigs
Method of extraction: 
Steam distillation
Blends with: 
Other earthy oils eg. Vetiver, Patchouli, and citrus.
Chemical character: 
Terpene type
Safety information: 
Cypress has a short shelf life as it readily oxidises. Hypersensitivity - avoid damaged diseased, delicate or children's skin.
Odour profile: 
Smoky, earthy, green and subtle.
Plant description: 
Tall straight conifer with dark evergreen foliage.
Historical use: 
For burning as incense, the trees are often found in churchyards and can live for hundreds of years.