Cymbopogon martini var. martinii
Botanical name: 
Cymbopogon martini var. martinii

Cooling and delicate

Please note: The information below is meant to give a brief outline of how an oil can be applied by a trained aromatherapist.
Please do not use this information as a guide for how to use essential oils at home.

Properties and applications: 
Cytophylactic - skin rejuvenation, improving scar tissue, mature skin
Antiseptic, Antimicrobial - bacterial, fungal and viral infections
Astringent - skin care, excessive perspiration
Anti-inflammatory - rashes, inflamed skin, allergy,
Cardiac Regulator - irregular heartbeat, stress related palpitations
Country of origin: 
India, Brazil, Indonesia, Madagascar, across Africa
Part of plant used: 
Flowering tops, leaves and stems
Method of extraction: 
Steam distillation
Blends with: 
Floral and woody oils, Frankincense, Patchouli and Grapefruit
Chemical character: 
Alcohol type
Safety information: 
No known contra-indications.
Odour profile: 
Weak rose aroma with citurs notes.
Plant description: 
Tall tropical grass
Historical use: 
The whole herb is used for digestive conditions and fever, it is also used as a cheaper rose substitute in cosmetics.